Steel Strapping Ribbon

  • 12mm coil
  • 16mm coil
  • 19mm coil

Steel Seals to Suit Steel Strapping

  • 12mm snap on
  • 16mm snap on
  • 19mm snap on

Tools and Dispensers for Steel Strapping

  • Tensioner to suit size 12mm – 19mm
  • Sealer - 12mm
  • Sealer – 16mm
  • Sealer – 19mm
GreenPak Packaging - Steel Strapping Ribbon

Plastic Strapping

  • 12mm x 1000m Blue Dispenser Pack
  • 15mm x 1000m Blue Dispenser Pack
  • Plastic Buckles 12mm / 15mm
  • Metal Clips 12mm/15mm/19mm - OF
  • 12mm x 3000m Blue Premium Machine Strapping
  • 12mm x 3000m Clear Premium Machine Strapping
  • 19mm x 1000m Black Heavy Band (400 KG Breaking Strength)
  • 19mm Metal Clip Open Heavy Duty
  • Tensioner and Crimper Tools to suit all Plastic Strapping
GreenPak Packaging - Plastic Strapping

PET Strapping

  • 15.5mm x 1000m Smooth
  • 15.5 x 1000m Embossed
  • PET Seals with Spikes to suit
  • Blue Line Cloth Poly Woven -16mm/19mm
  • Red Line Cloth Poly Woven -19mm

We carry a large range of Dispensers and Tools – Also we have Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic Strapping Machines